Our story

We change the way

to manage things

Habra was born in 2013 as a business accelerator, a multi-service operator that supports, optimizes and speeds-up the growth of every kind of company. Our team is formed by skilled professional people ready to guide you in the world of traditional and digital marketing.


Your leading role will require a great dedication.

During the path that we'll share, you'll have to be busy and involved too, helping us fully understand all the shades of your company.


We have many "fields of expertise", but all the work we do is marked by the will to innovate and not only following national and international trends. We have been at the forefront by using augmented reality, virtual reality, video storytelling, integrated campaigns, apps and modern web platforms.

Graphic Design

Good design is composed by information and emotion, with the objective to attract consumer's attention by creating fidelity, recognisability and conversion.

Web Design & eCommerce

Modern and mobile-ready displays and e-commerce, conformed for the best search engines.

Digital Marketing

We offer a complete and autonomous management of the best social platforms for your business. You will be able to meet and loyalize your clients in an efficient way!

Mobile app

Native iOS and Android apps, keeping up with the last trends of the mobile world and designed to directly interact with your clients.

Videos and photos

We tell your story with photoshootings and professional videos, caring about both emotional and technical aspects.


Our experience on the ground allows us to suggest training paths that can form ready-to-work people.


Why we’ve decided

to work in a house

One of our strong points is about acting in perfect synergy, as if we were members of a big family who chooses, decides and acts in a coordinated way. A house, with its spaces and atmosphere, represented the perfect place where this feature could express itself at best.

Here’s your opportunity

If you wanna join our team, do not esitate to contact us presenting your professional skills.

Social Media Manager
Video Maker
Web Developer
Digital Graphic Designer

Now you can meet us.

Do not esitate to contact us, we'll be happy to meet you.